May 21, 2024
Get amazon gift card for free
Here are the latest apps to get free gift cards for Amazon. Get rewarded for simple tasks with free Amazon Gift cards.

How many of you want a free Amazon Gift card? I am sure 100% of you will be nodding your head in affirmation.

But, is it really possible to get Amazon Gift cards for free?

Here in this post, I share the best amazon gift card earning apps in India. These are basically simple apps that reward you for tasks such as surveys, reading articles, watching ads, playing games, etc.

Top 10 Free Amazon Gift Card Earning Apps

Amazon Gift Card Earning App Referral Code Minimum Withdrawal
Download Now
mRewards vJIgbNNnaa Rs. 10
Go Daily s15929 Rs. 100
Sikka NMEG4D Rs. 30
Aasan Kamai 1021XF Rs. 10  
AttaPoll ybsms Rs. 100
Gappx   Rs. 50
Pluto   Rs. 100
Cash Bazar Referral Code M001XA Rs. 25
Download Now
Rozdhan   Rs. 200
Easybucks C3MX7UMN2U Rs. 100  

1. mRewards

mrewards survey

mRewards app pays you for playing games. After signup on the app using Gmail, play simple games to earn coins. Once you have 1000 coins you can redeem for a gift card worth Rs. 10.

How to get free Amazon Gift card with mRewards App?

  • Download mRewards app
  • Signup using Gmail ID or mobile number
  • Play simple games on the app
  • Get rewarded with coins
  • Redeem the coins for free Gift cards.

Download mRewards app

2. Go Daily app

Go Daily

Go Daily app is one of the best apps to earn free gift cards. You need to register on the app using Gmail ID. Go Daily app pays users for reading articles and watching videos.

How to get free Amazon Gift card with  Go Daily App?

  • Download the Go Daily app
  • Register using Gmail ID
  • Read articles & play games
  • Earn points for every task
  • Redeem the points for cash

Download Go Daily app

3. Gappx


Gappx is a very rewarding app that rewards users for a variety of tasks. There are also many mystery tasks and games to reward users. You can choose to transfer the earnings to a bank account to redeem for gift cards.

How to get Amazon free Gift card with Gappx App?

  • Download Gappx app
  • Register using mobile number
  • Complete apps tasks
  • Redeem the points for a free Amazon Gift card

Download Gappx app

4. Easybucks

You can find many games and surveys on the Easy bucks app. There is also a referral program in place that makes you eligible for a special welcome bonus. Easy Bucks app gives you the option to transfer earnings to PayPal. You can also opt to redeem for free gift cards.Invite code: C3MX7UMN2U

How to Earn Amazon Gift card with Easy Bucks App?

  • Download Easybucks app
  • Register using Gmail ID
  • Play games on the app for rewards
  • Redeem the points for free Amazon Gift cards or PayPal Cash

5. GoOpinion

Go opinion

It is an online survey app that rewards you for time spent filling surveys. The rewards will vary as per the length and complexity of the survey. The rewards can be transferred to PayPal or you can choose to redeem via Gift cards.

Invite code: 7GD5TA5ABQ

How to Get Amazon Gift Card with Go Opinion App?

  • Download GoOpinion app
  • Complete the registration process
  • Fill online surveys
  • Redeem rewards for free Amazon Gift cards.

6. Swagbucks

It is the best place to earn Amazon Gift cards for free. You only need to signup using your email ID. After signup, verify your email ID and get started. Now, complete your profile to earn a bonus.

You need to earn 695 SW to redeem for a gift card worth Rs. 500. The gift card will be sent to your registered email ID. Register using the link below to earn a special bonus.

How to Get Amazon Gift Card with Swagbucks?

  • Click here
  • Register using your email ID
  • Verify your email ID
  • Complete your profile
  • Start filling out the surveys
  • Redeem for a free Amazon Gift card worth Rs. 500

 7. Sikka App

Sikka app rewards users for simple tasks. You earn money by daily login on the app. The minimum withdrawal limit on Sikka app is Rs. 30. You can opt to redeem the amount as an Amazon Gift card or Paytm Cash. There is also the option to transfer the money via UPI. To start earning money sign up using the Sikka referral code.

How to Get Amazon Gift Card with Sikka App?

  • Download Sikka App
  • Register using a mobile number
  • Enter referral code – NMEG4D
  • Complete simple tasks
  • Redeem the earnings as Amazon Gift Card

Download Sikka App

8. Aasan Kamai

It is one of the latest earning apps that comes with a lot of useful features. You get a daily bonus and also there are daily tasks for assured income. The minimum withdrawal limit is just Rs. 5. You can choose to withdraw money via Paytm or Amazon Pay Balance.

There are no complex conditions on the app related to tasks or referrals which makes earning easy.

  • Download the app
  • Login using Gmail ID
  • Get daily bonus
  • Complete daily tasks for assured income
  • Withdraw money as Paytm cash or Amazon Gift Card

9. Cashbuddy

It is a real money-earning app that comes with many exciting cashback offers. You can link your Amazon account to transfer your earning from the app directly. The minimum withdrawal amount on the Cashbuddy app is Rs. 20. You can choose from different earning offers on the app to get real money.

10. The Panel Station

The Panel Station is one of the best apps to get Amazon Gift Cards for free. The app rewards users for sharing their opinion. You earn reward points for every survey. The reward points can be redeemed for gift cards.

The value of 4000 reward points is Rs. 700. Once you redeem the reward points, the gift card will be sent to the registered email ID.

You can copy the code and add it to your Amazon account.

Get Rs. 5000 Amazon Gift Card With Bing App

Microsoft has come up with an exciting offer to reward users. Use the Bing search engine and get rewarded for every activity. You can redeem the bing points for fun rewards.
To get an Amazon Gift card worth Rs. 500 you need 8000 points. Once you collect the required points, go to the dashboard on Binge to claim your reward.

If you don’t already have an Outlook email ID, create one in a few steps to participate in this fun contest.

Earn Free Amazon Gift Card with contests and Quizzes

You can also participate in contests and quizzes on the Amazon app to earn free gift cards. Amazon comes up with many rewarding contests daily to reward users. If you are lucky then you can get rewarded with exciting prizes and gift cards.

Get Amazon Gift Cards Free With Paid Surveys

The easiest way to get Amazon Gift cards for free is by participating in paid surveys. There are various paid survey sites such as TPS, Opinion World, and Touluna that reward users with Amazon Gift cards.
After gaining a certain number of points by filling out surveys, you can opt to redeem your reward points in form of an Amazon Gift card.

  • The Panel Station
  • Opinion World
  • Touluna

How to Save on Amazon Gift Cards?

While you need to complete simple tasks to get an Amazon Gift card for free. You can also get up to 10% off on Amazon Gift cards with various offers.

Magicpin – Get up to 5% off on Amazon Gift cards via Magicpin. You can buy gift cards for popular sites on the Magicpin app or website. Search for Amazon Gift cards on Magic Pin to buy at a discount price.

Amazon – You get a 10% discount on Amazon Gift cards via the Amazon app. This offer is valid for select users on payment with Amazon Pay UPI. You can choose to add the Gift card to your account or gift it to someone.


So these are some of the offers and apps to get Amazon Gift cards for free. Using the tricks you can get unlimited gift cards for free. If you are ready to invest some time in these apps then you will surely be able to get free gift cards.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get a free gift card from Amazon?

Get free gift card for Amazon with latest apps such as mRewards, Sikka, and Cashbuddy.

How to get a $25 Amazon gift card for free?

You can get a Amazon Gift card worth up to $25 free with surveys apps in India.

How to get a gift card for free?

Get rewarded with free gift cards with online earning apps. These apps reward users for reading articles, watching videos, playing games, etc.

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