May 22, 2024
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After quitting my 9 to 5 job, and looking for a side income I tried 100s of apps and finally, I have prepared this list of Real Money Earning Apps in India Without Investment.

You can also try these apps and start earning real money online by doing simple tasks.

These apps reward you for simple tasks that you do otherwise for free such as reading articles, watching videos, and playing games. So scroll down to check out the list of online earning apps in India.

Top 10 Online Earning Apps in India 

Real Money Earning App Minimum Withdrawal
Download Link
Sikka Rs. 30
mRewards App 10
Go Daily app Rs. 100
Rozdhan Rs. 200
Happy Box Rs. 300  
Aasan Kamai Rs. 10
Tauras Rs. 100
Cash Bazar Rs. 10  
Pockey Money App Rs. 20
Pluto Rs. 100

1. Sika Pro

sikka referral code

Sika is a very easy-to-use app. You earn money for daily login and completing simple tasks on the app. You need a minuimum of Rs. 30 to redeem the earnings. The money will be transferred to your bank account via UPI. You can also choose to get your earnings as Amazon Pay Gift Card.
100 Sika Coins = Rs. 10

How to Earn With Sika App?

  • Download Sika App
  • Register using mobile number
  • Finish tasks
  • Collections 300 Sika coins
  • Enter UPI ID to transfer money
  • or Redeem it as Amazon Gift card

Download Sika App

2. mRewards App

mrewards survey

mRewards app helps you earn money online by playing games. You will earn money for playing games every minute. Earning tasks on the mRewards app also include paid surveys, videos, and other app tasks.

You can redeem once you have 1000 coins.1000 mRewards coins = Rs. 10

How to Earn With mRewards app?

  • Download mRewards app
  • Register using Gmail ID
  • Play games to earn rewards
  • Choose to transfer to Paytm wallet or Gift cards

Download mRewards app

3. Go Daily app

Go Daily

Go daily is one of the best earning apps because it pays you for simply reading articles. You also earn money by playing games and watching videos on Go daily app. The app gives users the option to transfer earnings to bank account or PayPal.

How to Earn With Go Daily app?

  • Download Go Daily app
  • Sign up using Gmail
  • Read articles to earn unlimited rewards
  • Transfer earnings to Bank account

Download Go Daily app

4. Rozdhan

rozdhan refer and earn offer

Rozdhan is a highly rated earning app. It comes with a variety of earning tasks. Rozdhan referral offer is especially very rewarding that helps you earn unlimited money online. You can transfer earnings once per day to your bank account.

How to Earn With Rozdhan App?

  • Download Rozdhan App
  • Signup using Gmail or mobile number
  • Enter Referral code
  • Complete simple tasks
  • Bind your Paytm number
  • Withdraw money to Paytm wallet

Download Rozdhan App

5. Happy Box

The process of earning with Happy box is similar to Rozdhan. You can register either using your mobile number or Gmail ID. There are various tasks on the app giving you chance to earn money. The money that you earn can redeemed to Paytm wallet or as Amazon Gift card. 

How to Earn With Happy Box App?

  • Download the Happy Box app
  • Register with a mobile number or Gmail
  • Enter Referral code –
  • Bind your Paytm number
  • Withdraw earnings to Paytm account

6. Pluto

Pluto is another app that pays you for reading articles. You also get daily login bonus on Pluto. There are a variety of other tasks as well to help you earn more.

The minimum amount to redeem is Rs. 70. The money will be credited to your linked Paytm account on the app.

How to Earn With Pluto App?

  • Download Pluto app
  • Register using mobile number
  • Read articles, watch videos & more
  • Collect coins
  • Redeem earnings to Paytm account

Download Pluto app

7. Tauras

The app rewards users for simple tasks. You need to download different apps and complete given tasks to earn coins. The money you earn for accomplishing tasks is available to transfer to Paytm Wallet.

How to Earn With Tauras App?

  • Download Tauras App
  • Register on the app
  • Complete app download tasks
  • Login daily to earn more
  • Transfer earnings to Paytm account

8. Cash Bazar

Cash Bazar is one of the best money earning apps. You can find many tasks on the app such as spin & win, lucky draw & more. With Cash Bazar, you don’t need to wait to withdraw your earnings. The minimum amount to redeem is just Rs. 2. It will be added to your Paytm wallet.

Cash Bazar Referral Code – M001XA

How to Earn With Cash Bazar app?

  • Download Cash Bazar App
  • Register using Gmail ID
  • Enter Referral code – M001XA
  • Complete simple tasks on the app
  • Transfer to Paytm Wallet

9. Pockey Money App

Pockey Money app is on this list because of instant withdrawals. Also, you can find a lot of money earnings tasks on the app. You alos get Rs. 5 for every referral.
The minimum amount you can withdraw is Rs. 20.

How to Earn With Pocket Money App?

  • Download Pockey Money App
  • Register with mobile number
  • Complete app download tasks
  • Follow simple steps given for each task
  • Transfer earnings to paytm wallet

Download Pockey Money App

10. Frizza

I am using Frizza app for the last 3 to 4 years. The app has impressed me because you don’t have to wait for withdrawals. You can redeem up to Rs. 100 in one go and the money will be transferred to your Paytm wallet instantly.

The minimum amount you can transfer is Rs. 30. The maximum transfer limit is Rs. 100 per day.

How to Earn With Frizza App

  • Download Frizza App
  • Register using a mobile number
  • Complete your profile
  • Check different tasks
  • Login daily to earn more
  • Transfer earnings to Paytm Wallet or UPI

Download Frizza App

New Real Money Earning Apps in India 2024

11. Atta Poll

If you want to earn money with paid surveys then Atta Poll is one of the best choices. You get assured 0.01$ for participation in every survey. The app allows withdrawal to a PayPal account.

The minimum amount to withdraw to Paypal account is 3$. You can also earn money with Atta Poll refer and earn offer.

How to Earn Money With Atta Poll?

  • Signup on the Atta Poll app
  • Complete your profile
  • Complete surveys to earn assured money
  • Share your referral code to earn more

12. Vidmate Cash

Vidmate cash allows users to earn money online by watching videos. You are also rewarded for daily login. Additional coins are collected in Piggy Bank to add to your savings.

The minimum withdrawal limit is Rs. 5 on Vidmate cash app. The app allows withdrawal to bank account.

How to Earn with Vidmate Cash?

  • Download the Vidmate cash App
  • Signup using Gmail
  • Watch videos to earn money
  • Complete daily login
  • Withdraw money to bank account

13. Cash Bird

Cash bird is another app that rewards users for watching videos. You can also find a variety of other earning tasks on the app. The minimum amount you can withdraw on the Cash Bird app is Rs. 70.

How to Earn money on Cash Bird App?

  • Download Cash Bird app
  • Watch videos to earn real money
  • Complete other paying tasks
  • Link your Paytm wallet
  • Transfer money to Paytm wallet

14. Aasan Kamai

The new earning app comes with a varity of tasks. The daily tasks take care of your earnings. The Aasan Kamai app allows a minimum withdrawal of Rs. 5. You can opt to withdraw money to your Paytm wallet. There is also the option to get rewarded in form of Amazon Gift cards.

How to Earn money on Aasan Kamai?

  • Register on Aasan Kamai app
  • Complete daily tasks for assured income
  • Invite friends to earn more
  • Transfer money to Paytm wallet
  • or Redeem for Amazon Gift Cards

15. Banao Paisa

Banao Paisa is also of the new earning apps. It rewards users for downloading apps, watching videos, and referrals. The minimum amount to withdraw is Rs. 5.

How to Earn Money on Banao Paisa app?

  • Download Banao Paisa App
  • Register using your mobile number
  • Login daily to earn more
  • Complete app download for more money
  • Link Paytm wallet to withdraw money

16. The Panel Station

It is among the best survey platforms. Complete your profile on The Panel Station to receive surveys. For each survey, you get rewarded with points which can be redeemed for Paytm cash or Gift cards of popular brands.

17. Cash Boss

Cash boss is a cashback app that helps you earn for shopping online. You can also find a lot of tasks on the app to earn money. The minimum amount you can withdraw from Cashboss is Rs. 100. It allows withdrawal to Paytm wallet.

18. Rocket Singh

The app allows users earn money by selling different financial products such as credit cards etc. You earn money for every sale. There is also Rocket singh referral offer in place to help you earn more.

19. Poll Pay

Here is another survey app to complete your wish of earning money online. You can find many high-paying surveys based on your profile. It allows payout via PayPal. You need to earn a minimum of 10$.

20. Kick Cash

It is a cashback platform that rewards users for shopping online. You can find many lucrative cashback offers on the app. Kick Cash referral offer also adds to your chances of earning on the app.

21. MPL

MPL app gives you access to a lot of games to earn real money online. The app also has many free contests to give you a chance to earn money without investment. You can withdraw a minimum of Rs. 1 on the MPL app. There is support for various payment modes to withdraw money easily. 

  • No minimum withdrawal
  • Support for various payment modes
  • Lots of free games to earn money without investment

22. Cashbuddy

If you are looking to earn money online then you should definetly try Cashbuddy. The app comes with some useful feature to help users earn money without investment.
You get a daily login bonus on the app in the form of Cashbuddy coins. The coins can be redeemed for real cash.

You can withdraw a minimum of Rs. 20 on Cashbuddy app. The available payment modes include Paytm Wallet, Amazon Gift cards, and bank transfer.

23. Streetbees

Streetbees is among the best earning apps. You can earn money on the app by participating in fun surveys. The surveys available in the app are in form of stories. After approval of a survey, you get paid within 48 hours. To receive money, you need to provide your PayPal registered email ID. 

24. mBucks

mBucks is a complete earning  app. It provides variety of tasks to earn real money. You can earn money by watching videos, playing games, filling surveys and more. The money that you earn can be transferred to Paytm wallet or your bank account. There is option to withdraw money directly to your bank account. 

25. Speed Ludo

If you want to earn money without investment then Speed Ludo is an app that you can try. The app rewards you with real money for playing ludo. The money that you earn can be withdrawn to your bank account. 

Real Money Earning Apps With Daily Login Bonus

You can earn money just by completing daily login on these apps. Go Daily, Rozdhan, Sikka, Aasan Kamai, and Frizza are some of the apps that reward users for daily login.

  1. Rozdhan – 20 to 300 coins
  2. Frizza – Rs. 0.1 Daily
  3. Aasan Kamai – Rs. 0.2 to 0.8
  4. Sikka – 0.1 Daily
  5. Go daily – 5000 to 20000 coins
  6. Vidmate cash – 1000 to 51000 coins

Types of Online Money Earning Apps in India

There are so many different online earning apps in India. These apps mostly reward users for completing different tasks. The available tasks mostly include watching ads, playing gaming, filling out surveys, etc.
If you are ready to invest your time then surely you can earn money with these apps.

So these are the best real money earning Apps in India. Most of the apps are similar in nature, you need to complete certain tasks to earn money. However, the minimum and maximum withdrawal amount will vary for each app.

Biggest Problem With nliMoney Earning Apps

Although there are a lot of apps that help you earn money online but these apps come with their own set of problems. Some of the common problems that make it challenging to earn on these apps is the additional conditions for withdrawing money.
To withdraw money from these apps you need to meet certain conditions.

For instance: To withdraw money on Rozdhan you need to collect a minimum of 200 energy points. Collecting energy points can be a difficult thing.

Similarly, Frizza another popular earning app allows users to withdraw money once in 72 hours. Apart from that you need to complete 8 app download tasks before a withdrawal request.

You will find many similar conditions on other earning apps such as Go Daily in which the minimum withdrawal limit is Rs. 500. If the withdrawal limit is low then it can time to reach the limit to withdraw money.


Everybody knows that making money is not easy, but if you are ready to invest some time and put in some effort then you can definitely earn with these apps.

Frequently Asked Questions on Money Earning Apps

Which is the best money earning app in India?

Rozdhan, Go Daily, and Sikka are among the best money earning apps in India. You can find a variety of tasks on these apps and easy to withdraw your earnings.

Which earning app is real?

Vidmate Cash, Rozdhan, Frizza, and pocket money are some of the real money earning apps.

How to earn 500 rupees immediately?

You can withdraw Rs. 500 rupees immediately on Go Daily app. The money will be transferred to your linked bank account immediately.

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