May 21, 2024

UPI earning apps

Since the launch of UPI, digital payments have got a significant boost. UPI not only makes payments faster and more secure but also comes with attractive rewards.
These apps allow users to earn cashback on money transfers as well as inviting friends.

Yes, you can invite your friends using a referral code or link and earn money for every person who joins through it. UPI refer and earn apps help you earn up to Rs. 200 for every invite.

Later in the post, you will also get to know about new UPI earning apps.

So, let us know more about the best UPI refer and earn, then can add to your side income.

Top 7 UPI Refer & Earn Apps in India 2024

UPI Refer & Earn Apps

Referral Income

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Google pay Upto Rs. 201 Download Now
PhonePe Rs. 100 Download Now
Paytm Rs. 100 Download Now
Cred Up to Rs. 200 Download Now
Mobikwik Rs. 20 Download Now
Bajaj Pay Up to Rs. 75 Download Now
Kwik up to Rs. 100 Download Now

1. Google Pay Refer & Earn Offer

Google Pay has played a significant role in making UPI payments popular. The app made scratch card popular, providing exciting rewards to users. Google Pay is also of the apps with highest rewards on referrals.

You get Rs. 201 on every referral. To earn the referral reward, you need to share your unique referral code with people. You will earn the referral reward, once the person completes 1st UPI transaction after creating an account on Google Pay and linking his/her bank account.

2. PhonePe Referral Offer 2023

PhonePe is among the most used UPI apps. Although you will not many cashback offers on UPI payments on the app, but PhonePe continues to reward users on referrals.

You earn Rs. 200 on every referral on PhonePe. This makes Phonepe one of the apps with highest cashback rewards. The procedure to earn referral money is same, you need to share your referral link and you will be rewarded once the person you invites links bank account on PhonePe and completes 1st money transfer transaction.

3. Paytm Refer & Earn Offer

While Paytm wallet is one of the most popular digital modes of payment. It also provides UPI payment option. You get flat Rs. 100 on earn referral on Paytm.

4. Cred Referral Offer

Cred launched as an app for credit card payments, but has expanded gradually to offer a variety of features. The app introduced UPI feature some time back with exciting rewards.

Cred app also rewards users with up to Rs. 1000 Cashback on every referral. The cashback that you earn can be used to make utility payments and shop from the app.

5. Mobikwik Referral Offer

Mobikwik app rewards users with cashback on different payments. The app also reward users for every referral. You earn Rs. 20 for every referral. Mobikwik also has referral offer to reward users for referral on credit card bill payment. The referral offer for Mobikwik app is similar to other UPI apps.
You will be rewarded after your invited person makes 1st transaction on the Mobikwik app.

6. Bajaj Pay UPI Offer

Bajaj pay app has also introduced UPI feature. You can earn cashback and Bajaj coins on every transaction. There is also Bajaj Pay UPI Offer. The app rewards users with surprise rewards and cashback on every referral.

Keep checking the rewards section on the app to unlock rewards. With Bajaj UPI app, you also get up to Rs. 251 cashback on 1st transaction. There are many offers on mobile recharge and utility payments as well.

7. Kiwi UPI Offer

Kiwi is basically a credit card app. But it has also introduced UPI feature. You earn rewards on every UPI payment. There is referral offer on the app as well. The rewards that you earn can be redeemed for cash or gift cards of your choice.

8. Amazon Pay UPI

Amazon launched its payments feature long way bank. You can link your bank account on Amazon app to make transfers directly from your bank account and win exciting rewards.

How UPI Refer and Earn Offer Works?

The referral offer for all UPI apps is almost similar. You will be rewarded after the invited person makes 1st money transfer transaction on the app. The person that you invite should also be a new user.

The only difference is the referral money. While you earn Rs. 20 for every referral on Mobikwik, you can earn up to Rs. 1000 on every referral with Cred app.

UPI Payments with Credit Card

With the growing popularity of UPI payments, this features has also been extended to credit card. You can link you Rupay Credit card on top leading apps such as Paytm, PhonePe, etc.

This allows you to use your credit limit to make UPI payments. Also, you can earn credit card rewards using this feature. This feature is only available for Rupay credit card users.


The refer and earn offer of UPI apps provides an excellent chance to earn money. You can easily earn by sharing your referral code/link with users and earn up to Rs. 1,000 on every successful referral.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the No. 1 Earning Apps?

At this time, I think Cred is the No.1 UPI earning app. This app recently introduced UPI payments feature. And you can earn cashback and rewards on every payment. I also think Bajaj UPI app is also very rewarding. You can find new UPI cashback offers daily on Bajaj app.

Which is the best UPI app for rewards?

Currently, Bajaj UPI app which is also one of the new UPI apps is best for rewards. Any new UPI app that comes to market usually offers better rewards. You earn up to Rs. 251 cashback on 1st UPI payment on Bajaj UPI App.