July 21, 2024
new ludo earning apps

Nowadays, most people prefer playing online games, it is not only a source of entertainment but also provides a chance of earning money. In the landscape of online earning apps, Ludo has emerged one of the most preferred option for gamers. 

Gamers are always eager to try new ludo apps. These apps not only provide unique gameplay experience but also help users earn money. 

Today I am going to share the new ludo earning Apps in India. You can earn money by playing ludo on these apps without investment. So scroll down to check out the list of new ludo earning apps without investment.

Best Ludo Earning Apps Without Investment

Ludo Earning Apps Minimum Withdrawal Ratings
Rush Rs. 25 4.3/5
Zupee Rs. 60 4.1/5
Winzo Gold Rs. 30 4.1/5
Paytm First Games Rs. 10 4.2/5
GamerJi Rs. 25 3.9/5
Hi Score Rs. 100* 4.0/5
MPL Rs. 5 4.3/5
Playerzpot Rs. 100 3.9/5
Gamezy Rs. 50 4.0/5
Khiladi Adda Rs. 30 3.8/5

1. Rush

Rush is one of the new Ludo earning apps. It comes with a daily login bonus and a rewarding referral program. There is also additional cashback available on every add-money transaction.
The minimum withdrawal on the Rush app is Rs. 25. And it supports payment via UPI.
The bonus amount you can use for gameplay depends on the entry fee. The entry fee for ludo contests starts at Rs. 2 onwards. You can choose from 2 and 4-player contests.

Rush App Payment Proof

Rush ludo app payment Proof
Rush ludo app payment Proof
  • Minimum Withdrawal – Rs. 25
  • Payment Modes – Paytm, UPI
  • Game Duration – 5 to 10 minutes


  • Support for all leading wallets
  • Daily Spin & win reward
  • Rewarding referral program


  • Minimum withdrawal limit is Rs. 25

2. Zupee

Zuppe is next on the list of Best ludo earning apps. The best thing about Zupee is that you can earn money without investment as well. There are lot of free contests available on the app that reward users with real money.
The minimum winnings you can withdraw from Zupee is Rs. 60. The paid ludo contests start Rs. 1 onwards.

Zupee Ludo app earning proof
Zupee Ludo app earning proof

While playing ludo or any other cash games make sure the internet connectivity is good. If the network is poor, you may get disqualified from the game.


  • Free Games to Earn real money
  • No minimum add money limit
  • Paid contests start Rs. 1 onwards


  • Minimum withdrawal is Rs. 60

3. Winzo Gold

Winzo is also a very popular online gaming platform. You can choose from a variety of games on Winzo to earn money and ludo is one of the most popular options.

Paid Contests – Rs. 2 Onwards

Minimum withdrawal – Rs. 3 

Minimum Add Cash Limit – Rs. 10

4. Paytm First Games

Paytm has launched its online gaming platform First Games. You can choose from a lot of earning games on the app. The long list of earning games includes ludo as well.

5. GamerJi

GamerJi is one of the new ludo earning apps. You can find a lot of free contests on GamerJi to earn real money.

6. Hi Score

Hi score is also a new earning app that gives you the option to choose from different games. Ludo is one of the most popular earning games on the Hi score app. You also get daily free game coupons on the Hi Score app to join paid contests and earn real money without investment.

Game duration – 10 minutes

Paid contests – Rs. 3 Onwards

7. MPL

MPL is one of the most popular online gaming apps in India. You can choose from different variants of Ludo on MPL and earn real money. You can also play free games on MPL and win real cash.

  • Game Duration – 4 Minutes Onwards
  • Minimum Withdrawal – Rs. 1
  • Payment Modes – Paytm, Amazon Pay, Bank UPI

8. Playerzpot

Playzerpot is also a great platform to play Ludo online and win real cash. The cash contests for speed ludo start at Rs. 25 onwards. You get Rs. 50 bonus on Sign up. However, the cash bonus is not usable for Ludo. You can use up to Rs. 25 on your 1st fantasy cricket contest on Playerzpot.

9. Gamezy

Gamezy is among the best money earning apps that comes with a variety of games. You can play ludo, rummy, poker, and fantasy cricket among others. Gamezy gives users a 50 cash bonus on signup. You can use 10% of bonus cash to play paid contests.

Also, you get Rs. 25 bonus on completing the KYC. The paid ludo contests start at Rs. 5 onwards. You can also try the free games to practice.

10. Khiladi Adda

Khiladi Adda is a new Ludo earning app. It is different from other Ludo apps. Here you will find a number of challenges. After accepting a challenge, you will get a code.
The code needs to be used on the Ludo King app to start the game. You get Rs. 10 on sign-up. So you can play at least one game for free.

There is also a chance to earn unlimited money with referrals. You get a commission every time a person invited by you adds money to his/her account. The minimum amount you can withdraw on the app is Rs. 20. 

You can link your bank account or Paytm number for instant payout. 

11. Ludo Culture

It is one of the new ludo earning apps. Ludo culture has many exciting contests to provide you with a chance to earn money without investment. The minimum amount you can withdraw from the Ludo Culture app is Rs. 25. They provide the option to withdraw the winning amount via UPI or Bank account.

  • You also get Rs. 50 bonus on sign-up.
  • The referral code for Ludo Culture App is H1UEHK

12. Speed Ludo

Speed Ludo by the Rush is the latest ludo-earning app. You can earn money without any investment in the app. The minimum withdrawal limit is just Rs. 2. To earn money you need to join free contests and secure maximum points. The money you earn will depend on your investment. 

13. Q GamesMela

Q GamesMela App allowws users to win money without investment. You get Rs. 10 sign up bonus. The app also rewards users with coins on daily login.
These coins can be used to play games and win real money. The app also has referral program in place. You get Rs. 1 on every successful referral. The minimum withdrawal limit is Rs. 25.

  • Daily login bonus.
  • Free Games to win real money.

Choosing a ludo app with low minimum withdrawal amount is a better choice. You can easily withdraw your winnings without having to worry about reaching a certain limit.

Best Ludo Earning Apps without Investment

The entry fee for Ludo earning apps starts at Rs. 1 onwards. So you need to invest some money to earn from these apps. If you want to earn money without investment then Zupee is one of the best choices. Here you will find free games as well.

You can also play paid ludo games for free on other apps by participating in contests such as the lucky spin contest on Rush. You earn assured rewards with a lucky spin on Rush daily. The money that you earn can be used to join paid contests and earn real money.

MPL Zero Se Hero Offer

MPL is giving users to play free games and earn real money. The ludo earning app has introduced a new “Zero se Hero” offer. Users can play up to 5 free games daily and win real money. 

Ludo Earning Apps With No Investment

1. MPL: You get daily 4 free games on MPL. The prize for each game is Rs. 1. Also, the paid contests start at Rs. 1 onwards on MPL.

2. Zupee: Zupee gives users a chance to earn money playing ludo without investment. You can participate in free contests and earn real money.

3. Rush: Although, there are no free games on the Rush app. You can win money by participating in the daily spin & win contests. The money you win can be used for playing paid games for free.

In addition to free games, you can also earn money by inviting friends. All the ludo earning apps come with exciting referral rewards.

Things to Know About Ludo Earning Apps

1. Entry fee of contests: The entry fee for paid contests starts at Rs. 1 onwards. However, the fee is different for every platform. You can also play free games but the winning amount will be almost negligible.

2. Number of Players: Ludo is played between 2 to 4 players. More the number of players more is the risk. However, more number of players also means better rewards.

3. Withdrawal limit: The minimum amount you can withdraw varies for each platform. If you want to play entry-level games with low fees then choose a platform where the withdrawal limit is less. It typically varies from Rs. 25 to Rs. 100.

4. Platform fees: The platform fee is also applicable on your withdrawals. It is usually around 2%. Before investing huge money check out the platform fee.

Tips & Tricks For Playing Ludo Online

Time Management: Time is the most crucial factor to formulate a strategy in Ludo. The game time varies for every Ludo app. So always keep an eye on the time left in the game to decide your moves.

Spreading Your Pawans: It is always a good strategy to spread your pawas and not move only one pawn. Spreading your pawns makes it difficult for your opponent to follow your pawns.

Try to reach Home: The ultimate goal of ludo is to take your pawns to home. So it is should your priority to plan your game accordingly.

Decide your risk level: If you are behind in the game, it is worth taking extra risks. On the other hand, if you are ahead of the game avoid taking any risk that you change the situation entirely.

Always keep a backup: It is better to think of a backup if your main pawn is not able to move ahead.

How to Earn Money Playing Ludo online Without Investment?

To earn money playing ludo, you need to compete against other players. Your earning entirely depends on your performance in the game.
There is no doubt, playing ludo online is high risk and earning money is not easy.

1. Open the best ludo earning games
2. Register using your mobile number
3. Select a contest of your choice
4. Pay the contest fee
5. Win the game to earn money
6. Withdraw money to Paytm wallet or bank account

How to Withdraw money from Ludo earning apps?

Once you have reached the minimum withdrawal limit, you can choose to withdraw money. The Ludo earning apps allow users to withdraw money to Paytm wallet or Bank account.
You need to link your Paytm wallet to withdraw money. Make sure the KYC of your Paytm wallet is completed to receive money.

That’s all about the best Ludo apps to earn money. If you are looking to earn money by playing ludo then you need to be aware of various things such as withdrawal limit, platform fees etc. Take all these things into account to earn money on the best Ludo earnings apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which ludo app gives real money?

Rush, Zupee, and MPL are few ludo apps that give real money to users. You need to participate in contests and win to earn real money. The money that you win can be withdrawn to Paytm wallet or Bank account.

Which app is earning more?

Rush is one of the best ludo earning app, you get daily bonus on the app. Also, you can find many cashback offers on adding money to your wallet.

How can I earn 500 per day without investment?

You can earn 500 per day without investment with referrals. Top apps such as Cred, Dhani, MPL, Rush, and Dream 11 among others reward users handsomely for inviting new users. You need to register on these apps and start sharing your referral code/link with friends and people you know.

Which is the best Ludo earning app without investment?

Hi Score and Zupee come with free games to provide users a chance to win real money without investment.

What is the new earning Ludo app 2023?

Hi score is one of the new earning ludo apps. It comes with many free contests to help you earn money without investment.

Which Ludo app is best for earn money?

MPL, Rush, and Wizo are among the best ludo apps to earn money.