May 21, 2024
PayPal money earning app

PayPal money earning app

Are you looking to earn money online? Here are the best PayPal money earning apps that help you earn by completing simple tasks.  

The process to earn PayPal cash from these apps is very simple you need to complete a few easy tasks and follow the steps. Remember to create a Paypal account so that you can easily get rewarded for using the apps.

The minimum withdrawal limit for each app is different, keep in mind the limit you need to reach to withdraw your earnings. 

Top 10 PayPal Money Earning Apps in India

PayPal Earning App Minimum Withdrawal
Download Now
Poll Pay 10$
Pluto Rs. 100
AttaPoll 3$
mRewards Rs. 50
Lifepoints Rs. 300
Flash Earn Rs. 300
App Flame 1$
Grewards 1$
Survey Lama 2$

1. Poll Pay


It is one of popular paid survey apps. You can also find a lot of games on the app that reward users with free PayPal cash. You need a minimum of 10$ to place a payment request on the Poll Pay app.

To get started earning PayPal cash, enter the Poll Pay referral code. You are eligible for a $0.25 bonus upon entering the referral code.

How to Earn Free PayPal Money With Poll Pay App?

  • Download the Poll Pay App
  • Register using a Gmail account
  • Enter the PayPoll referral code – s15929
  • Earn a $0.25 bonus welcome bonus
  • Complete paid surveys to earn more
  • Transfer money to a PayPal account
App Poll Pay
Referral Code YEX4EHW9ER
Download Link Click Here
Minimum Payout $10

2. Go Daily App

Go Daily

Go daily app gives users chance to earn unlimited Paytm cash by completing simple tasks. You can find a variety of paid tasks on the app. You get rewarded for reading articles, playing games, and watching videos.

The minimum amount to redeem on Go Daily app is Rs. 500. You can opt to transfer money to bank account or PayPal.

Go Daily Referral Code – s15929

Special Features of Go Daily App

  • Variety of tasks to earn unlimited income
  • Support for different payment modes
  • Daily login bonus
  • Instant withdrawal

How to Earn PayPal cash with Go Daily app?

  • Download the Go Daily App
  • Sign up using Gmail ID
  • Complete simple tasks
  • Enter money for every task
  • Transfer money to PayPal or a bank account
App Go Daily
Referral Code s15929
Download Link Click Here
Minimum Payout Rs. 100

3. Attapoll


Attapoll is a popular platform for paid surveys. The best thing about Attapoll is that you earn assured rewards for every survey. You need to earn a minimum of $3 to withdraw money to PayPal. There is also a referral program in place that adds to your chances of income from the app.

How to Earn PayPal Money With Attapoll App?

  • Download Attapoll app
  • Register with a Gmail account
  • Enter referral code –
  • Complete simple paid surveys
  • Withdraw money to PayPal
App Atta Poll
Referral Code ybsms
Download Link Click Here
Minimum Payout $3

4. mRewards

mrewards survey

mRewards app helps you earn PayPal cash by playing games. You can also watch videos and participate in surveys to earn PayPal cash. You can withdraw a minimum of Rs. 10 from the mRewards app using any preferred mode of payment.

App mRewards
Referral Code ybsms
Download Link Click Here
Minimum Payout Rs. 10

How to Earn PayPal Money With mRewards App?

  • Download mRewards App
  • Register using mobile number or Gmail ID
  • Play games to earn reward coins
  • Redeem coins using any preferred payment mode

5. Lifepoints

lifepoints survey

Lifepoints app helps you earn Paypal cash by participating in surveys. You earn life points for surveys and other tasks on the app. You need 300 life points to claim different rewards on the app.

How to Earn PayPal Money with Lifepoints app?

  • Download Lifepoints app
  • Create an account on the app
  • Complete your profile to earn up to 100 points
  • Participate in surveys to earn more
  • Redeem your earnings to PayPal cash or Gift cards

6. Flash Earn

Flash earn is a new PayPal cash earning app in India. The app has a lot of daily tasks to help users earn money for free. You can also play games and complete app download tasks to earn more. You get the option to redeem money as Paytm Cash or PayPal money. The minimum amount you need to redeem is Rs. 100.

How to Earn PayPal Money With Flash Earn App?

  • Open the Flash Earn App
  • Register using a mobile number
  • Complete simple daily tasks
  • Collect Rs. 100 to withdraw money
  • Choose to withdraw as PayPal or Paytm Cash

7. App Flame

App flame is yet another popular app to earn PayPal Cash for free. The app rewards users for playing games. You can also participate in surveys to earn money on App Flame app. The money you earn can be transferred to PayPal account.

How to Earn PayPal Money With App Flame?

  • Open the App Flame app
  • Download the listed games to earn coins
  • Earn coins for playing games for every minute
  • Go to the PayOut section
  • Select PayPal Gift card 
  • Enter your PayPal registered email ID
  • Money will be credited within 7 days 

8. Streetbees

Streetbees is a survey app that rewards users with PayPal cash. The app helps you earn real money with surveys. You also get Rs. 50 for every referral on the Streetbees app.

How to Earn Money With Streetbees App?

  • Download the Streetbees app
  • Register using the Email ID
  • Enter referral code – 98716X
  • Enter your PayPal Email ID to withdraw money

9. Grewards

Grewards app comes with a variety of money-paying tasks. You can earn PayPal money by watching videos, playing games and participating in surveys.

For each task, you earn reward points. These points are converted to PayPal cash. You need to earn 10000 points to redeem as $1. Grewards app also has a referral program in place, you earn 500 points for every referral.

10. Survey Lama

It is a survey site that rewards users for sharing their opinion. The signup process is very simple. You get 20 points on completing your profile on Survey Lama. You can find a number of paid surveys on the website. The points that you earn are redeemable as PayPal cash.

You need to earn a minimum of 2000 points to qualify for a payout. 

11. Cash Well

It rewards users for spending time on apps. You only need to spend 30 to 60 seconds on apps to earn reward coins. Once you earn 1000 coins, redeem for PayPal cash worth 1$.

You need to link PayPal account to receive the money.

1000 Coins = 1$ PayPal Money

12. Lucky File Manager

Lucky file manager comes with many useful features apart from being a handy app to manage files on your device, it also helps you earn PayPal money. You earn money by spending time on apps and crossing select levels.

After earning 50000 coins, you can redeem for 5$ PayPal money.

1000 = 1$

13. Walking More

Here is another app to help you earn unlimited PayPal money for free. Walking more app has many exciting tasks to reward users. You can play different games and earn PayPal money. You neeed 150,000 coins to withdraw Rs. 50.

14. Tap2Earn

The app mainly has download tasks. You need to try new apps to earn reward points. Apart from offers, you can also earn with referrals. Get Rs. 10 on every referral.
The minimum withdrawal limit on Tap 2 earn is Rs. 50. You need 10000 coins to withdraw Rs. 50 on the app.

How to Earn Money with Grewards App?

  • Download the Grewards app
  • Register using the Email ID
  • Enter referral code – 1JSMQG
  • Play games or watch videos
  • Earn Points for every task
  • Redeem points for PayPal Cash

15. Money Tree

This PayPal money-earning app comes with multiple high-paying tasks. You also get a daily login bonus on the Money tree app. And as you progress to a higher level the earning opportunities grow.

You can also share your Money Tree referral code to earn more. You need 7250 to claim PayPal cash worth Rs. 50.

Money Tree Referral code is L7MEK

Can I Earn Free PayPal Money

Yes, it is possible to earn PayPal Cash with various apps and games in India. These apps reward users with PayPal cash for completing simple tasks. You can unlimited PayPal cash by playing games, watching videos, filling out surveys, etc.

How to Withdraw PayPal Money from Apps?

Each app has a minimum withdrawal limit. You need to reach this limit to place a withdrawal request. After placing a withdrawal request money will be credited to your PayPal account in 3 to 5 weeks. You can later choose to transfer the money to Bank account or use for shopping across different sites that accept PayPal as payment mode.

How Much PayPal Cash Can I earn with these apps?

The money you can earn depends on participation in different tasks. You can also earn additional PayPal cash by sharing your referral code and inviting your friends to these apps.

It is easy to earn free PayPal cash with these apps and games. The money you can earn depends on your effort and participation in different tasks. You can also invite your friends and boost your income with the referral offer on these apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How can I earn money from PayPal in India?

You can earn Paypal cash in India with apps such as Go Daily, Atta Poll, Life points, etc. These apps reward users with PayPal Cash for different tasks.

Q2. What app gives PayPal cash?

Go Daily is one of the best apps to earn PayPal money. The app rewards users for simple tasks such as reading articles, daily login, etc.

Q3. How to earn PayPal cash free?

Earn Paypal cash by participating in paid surveys on Atta Poll. The app rewards users with assured PayPal money for every survey.

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