May 22, 2024
Vi Free Data Codes Today

Do you often run out of data limit before the end of the day? I feel the same situation every day since I am doing WFH. Doing additional data recharge seems to be a burden.

So I thought of different ways to get free data and I found these Vi free data codes that I am sharing in this post. These are really simple tricks to get unlimited data for free.

Keep reading to know more about the tricks to get free data on Vi.

Get 2GB Free Data With Vi Games

Vi Free data code

Vi has introduced a new free data offer on the MyVi app. With this offer, users get 2GB free data on playing games on the MyVi app. Once you open the App, go to the games section to spot the free data offer. Click on the offer banner and play the required game. Free data will be credited to your account.

You will receive a message after playing Vi games that 2GB free data is credited to your prepaid account.

Vi Free Data Trial Pack

Vi Free data

Vi is offering free 1 day data pack to users. This offer provides users unlimited free data for 1 day. The free data benefits will be applicable from 12 am to 6 am. You can claim the free data trial from the MyVi App.

Vi Free Data Code Today 2024

I am going to start with the top apps that can help you get Vi free data. Thankfully, there are many apps that reward users for simple tasks. You need to complete simple tasks like watching videos, reading articles, and playing games.

For each task you earn rewards. You can transfer the money to bank account or Paytm wallet. And use it for mobile recharge.

Vi Free Data App Free Data Code Download
Rozdhan 09BZ0Q
Go Daily s15929
Cashbuddy 24814278
Sikka Pro NMEG4D
Vidmate Cash 4bv6cl
  1. Go Daily App

Earn money directly into your bank account for mobile recharge with the Go Daily app. You can register on the Go Daily app using your Gmail ID. The app basically rewards users for watching articles and playing games.

  • Download the Go Daily App
  • Register with your Gmail account
  • Enter Referral Code –
  • Complete simple tasks
  • Transfer your earnings to bank account
  • Use the money for free Vi Data recharge

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2. mRewards App

You can play different games on mRewards app and earn Paytm cash. Your earnings will be credited to Paytm wallet instantly. Use the money to recharge with any Vi Data pack.

  • Download the mRewards app
  • Register with mobile number or Gmail ID
  • Play games to earn coins
  • Transfer money to Paytm Wallet
  • Use the money for free data recharge

3. Cash Bazar

Cash Bazar app promises great rewards for users on task completion. Also, the earnings can be transferred to Paytm wallet. And you can easily use for Vi data recharge.

  • Download Cashbazar app
  • Enter Referral code – M001XA
  • Register with mobile number or Gmail account
  • transfer the earnings to Paytm Wallet
  • Choose any data plan for recharge

Vi Free Data Code With Paytm Cashback Points

If you have Paytm Cashback points, you can redeem the points for free Vi data recharge. You need 1000 cashback points for 1 GB Vi data recharge.
Upon redeeming the cashback points, you will receive a unique code which makes you eligible for 100% cashback on Vi 1GB data pack.

  • Open the Paytm App
  • Go to cashback & offers section
  • Click on cashback points option
  • Select 1GB data recharge offer
  • Confirm the selection
  • Redeem the coupon code on Vi 1GB data recharge

Vi Free Data with Paytm Data First offer

If you are a new user, you can apply DATAFIRST coupon code to get 100% cashback on recharge. This offer is applicable on 1GB data recharge.

  • Open the Paytm App
  • Select the mobile recharge option
  • Enter mobile number
  • Select 1 GB data plan
  • Enter DATAFIRST coupon code
  • Cashback will be credited to your Paytm Wallet

Get Vi Free Data Code With MagicPin Points

Now, you can use Magic points for mobile recharge of your operator. You need 1000 points to claim a free mobile recharge plan for 28 days.
Select the Vi recharge offer on Magic pin and proceed to get a unique code that you can redeem from the mobile recharge app.
After successfully claiming the coupon code, the free data will be credited to your account.

  • Open the Magic Pin app
  • Claim the Vi free recharge deal
  • Proceed to the mobile recharge page
  • Free mobile recharge will be credited to your account

Get Vi Free Data with Amazon Pay Recharge Offer

Amazon offers 100% cashback to users on 1st recharge/bill payment of the month. This offer is applicable on select payment modes. You can redeem the offer to recharge with Vi 1 GB data recharge. The cashback will be credited to your Pay balance account.

  • Open Amazon App
  • Select the Recharge & bill payment option
  • Choose mobile recharge
  • Enter mobile number
  • Select prepaid plan
  • Choose the payment mode
  • Cashback will be credited to your Pay Balance account

Vi 1GB Free Data For 7 Days

Vi is providing free 1GB daily data for 7 days to select users. If you are a lucky user then check your message box. You will see a message that free data has been crdited to yoru account.
Select users are automatically getting the message. You don’t need to dail any USSD code or number to receive the benefit.

  • 1GB Free Data for 7 Days
  • Select users

Vi Free Internet For 28 Days

If you port your number to Vi then you are eligible for 1.5GB of free data for 28 days. Alongside free data, you also get unlimited calling and 100 SMS per day. This is a limited-time promotional offer.

  • Vi MNP offer
  • 1.5 GB per day for 28 days

Vi Free Internet With Recharge Karo App

You get free data with the Recharge Karo app. The app rewards users for playing games, you can play any game on the Recharge Karo app. The coins that you earn for playing games can be redeemed for free recharge.

These are some of the simple tricks to get Vi free data. You can also try the different apps to get unlimited Vi data for free without recharge. There are also many recharge offers that make you eligible for free data on Vi.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get free data on Vi today?

Get free data on Vi with apps such as GoDaily, Taskbucks, and recharge karo. You need to complete simple tasks in these apps to get free data.

How to get free 1 GB data in Vi?

Get 1 GB free data in Vi with Paytm Cashback points. You need 1000 cashback points to avail the offer.

How to get 3GB free data in Vi?

Get up to 3GB free data in Vi with the MyVi app. The telecom operator is rewarding users with free data on select packs. You need to recharge from the MyVi app.